Omnigro is a private property investment and development company in South Africa, established in 1989. The executive team in Omnigro have over a century of combined formidable experience with the success of developments and investing in the properties within South Africa.

Omnigro's vision is to invest in properties which has the potential of being developed beyond their existing yields. With this approach, each property is seen as a ringfenced business, for which a growth strategy is developed and executed through the appropriate skillset. Because we are actively and hands-on involved in the processes, our properties undergo significant transformation and, as a result, perform better.

Over the years as CEO and Chairman, I have totally dedicated my management skills and values to the Group. Omnigro’s team with their extensive knowledge and skills share the same values and principles.We have accumulated a wealth of experience in property development and property management.This combination ensured OMNIGRO’s success story, from humble beginnings to exponential growth, over the last 30 years.

OMNIGRO Strategic Partners
The Green Building Council of South Africa
South African Property Owners Association Partners
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